1. L

    Xbox 360 My system don't update

    (How many times have I asked this in other forums...) Well, it turns out that if I want to connect my xbox 360 to live, I get that I need an update to connect. It asks me if I want to update, I choose yes, and I get an error saying "there was an error, let's fix it" or something like that. I get...
  2. C

    Xbox 360 Slim model won't connect to the internet

    Hope this is cool to post here, I've been trying to connect my Xbox to the internet for hours now and I just can't. It's giving me an IP Address Error. I've tried everything, restarting both the console and router, creating a static IP Address, restarting to factory defaults, nothing's worked...
  3. P

    Xbox Gamertag System 2022

    Hello, looking for help. I have two Xbox accounts in which I am wanting to swap the names around. (e.g.) Account A has the name ‘abc’ Account B has the name ‘xyz’ Account A cannot take the name ‘xyz because it will force Account A to take the name ‘xyz#????’. Account B cannot take the name ‘abc’...
  4. M

    Xbox One Can't format HDD to XBOX

    I've just got an external hard drive for my XB1S, formatted it on my pc and when i plug it in it just reads it as media storage without giving me a chance to format it to game storage, any way to format it in the xbox?
  5. M

    Xbox One Help with signal but no output (xOneS)

    This can be a long shot, but here comes; My xbox was working just fine, when out of the blue the output died. Ok, i thought, it can be fixed. so i got the output fixed, and it was new. The point is; I still have a black screen. I'm sure that it has signal, the HDMI works fine, as well as the tv...
  6. R

    Xbox 360 James Bond 007: Nightfire the Alpine Escape missinon not loading

    I am having a problem loading the game. I am able to load/pass the two levels leading up to this one but once It get to the loading screen it freezes. I thought it may be a problem with the disk itself so I bought another copy. This new (used) copy does the exact same thing at the exact same...
  7. D

    Xbox One Help, Controller will not connect

    So a while ago I had used my Xbox One Series S controller to play on my laptop, but ever since I haven't been able to connect it. I've tried everything Xbox says to try - using wired connection, wireless connection, holding the pair button, this, that, the other, nothing has worked, Xbox has...
  8. M

    Xbox One Game recommendations for 'newbie' - 1st time post

    Hi I've just got an xbox one, second hand and I would like to have some game suggestions please. I'm 48 and I grew up gaming on the C64, until I went to university. Later on I had a few years playing PS2 and a few years ago my son had an xbox and now I have my own. I got it as I wanted to...
  9. B

    Xbox One Multiple Xbox Home Screen Question

    I recently picked up an Xbox Series S and moved my One S upstairs. The issue I'm having is that every time I change my home screen on one console, it's the same on the other. I'd really like to have a different home screen on each. I don't need my streaming apps pinned at the top on my Series S...
  10. U


    Hi Just wondering if any one has had a problem with getting sonic team racing to work. Now on my third copy and my xbox one just won't read it... No problems with any other games , tried everything I can possible think of and still no joy
  11. A

    Xbox One HELP!

    So let me start from the beginning. I have an Xbox one original and I wanted to do some customisation so I cut half the top case off to expose my fan and hard drive. I then wanted to put some rgb leds in there so I jammed a positive and negative wire into the fan plug so that I could run my leds...
  12. d0x360

    Xbox One COD cold war save deletion bug? (Xsx)

    New here and I have a quick question. Is there a known save deletion bug in cold war? My campaign progress vanished yesterday (xbox series x). The game seems to have deleted the local and cloud backup
  13. C

    Xbox One Can’t find game after I uninstalled it

    Recently had problems with CoD Cold War with it saying I didn’t own the game, so I uninstalled it and can not reinstall from the store.
  14. D

    Xbox One Xbox Controller flakey Micro-USB port

    Recently i haven't been able to use my Xbox controller on my PC anymore my Micro USB-Port seems to be broken or maybe the prongs are bent i have to bend my charger for it to work and a lot. Pretty much to the point where it would bend the charger can anyone help me on any ways to fix this issue?
  15. A

    Xbox One xbox one/headset

    i have two xbox controllers and two headsets and both the headsets work perfectly fine on one controller but the other won’t seem to use audio on either of the headsets and also the controller the headsets work on have major joystick drift anyone know a fix to either of these
  16. E

    Why i was banned with no reason whatsoever

  17. B

    I need help

    I need help picking a new gamertag. My name is Bri if that helps with anything. Looking for something creative and funny :)
  18. S

    Xbox One Game share not working

    I have tried every thing to get my friends games on my Xbox. I have logged him into my Xbox and set his account as *My Home Xbox* and turned my user off *my home xbox* I waited a day and nothing happened. I logged off my account and tried again. I then logged off his account and set *my home...
  19. S

    Xbox One Achievements really bugged right now

    I've been playing Dark Souls Remastered but i ran into a weird problem last night. I had been grinding and doing other meaningless stuff but i managed to get my hands on all the sorceries in the game. I was wondering where the achievement was for it never popped. But i just thought it would come...
  20. T

    Original Xbox PSU Died, cant find this REV on ebay or anywhere online

    Picture of the PSU, ignore the red, it was sparking inside so i tried nail polish to coat it