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    What the hell is with this new Naming system???

    So apparently i cant have the name Ozzy275 without 4 numbers being added onto it... WHAT THE HELL!? i wasted $9 for a game i didn't even want! and at first it says oh you can have Ozzy275#1436... so i thought it'd be like Discord or Activision ID.. but NOOOOO. Log on to my Series X and my name...

    Xbox One 1 Month XBOX GAME PASS Giveaway! 4 LEFT

    #1 Seller for CD Key Links listed below! Rules Follow Like & RT Comment “⚡️“ when done!
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    Xbox One Terminator dawn of fate and Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines-Redemption

    Look I know it's not a famous or a popular game from the Xbox original but I would really love this too be backwards compatibility please it would be awesome I've given up on gen systems it's not because I hate them it's because they go for the most popular not for all. I can understand making...

    Original Xbox So I have a Debug Kit....

    So I have a Debug kit of an original xbox but I have questions on what it is and what should I do with it... Here we go! :p So I picked up this Xbox for 10$ at a local flea market with no cords or controllers ( I plan to get some very soon) Not knowing what vareint I got... so when I got home...
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    Xbox One What are my options?

    I bought the Xbox One S BF1 500gb bundle from Microsoft that comes with a $25 card and free game. I never received the card. Also, the controller headset jack already broke. Are both issues correctable by contacting Microsoft? I have already disassembled the controller to see the pin layout of...