Original Xbox So I have a Debug Kit....

What should i do

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Jul 16, 2017
So I have a Debug kit of an original xbox but I have questions on what it is and what should I do with it...

Here we go! :p

So I picked up this Xbox for 10$ at a local flea market with no cords or controllers ( I plan to get some very soon) Not knowing what vareint I got... so when I got home to clean it out I noticed something on the bottom plastic shell that said "Xbox Debug Kit". I had no idea it was a Debug kit because I thought debug kits came in a green plastic shell with the words debug kit on the front...
So my question is
Is there other color vareints of the debug kit because I thought it only came in green? And is it a legit Debug kit?

Second: What should I do with it? I heard somewhere these things only play beta games and source code or something like that.

Third: Where should I buy some cords locally :p

Thanks in advance!