Xbox Motorsport -V- PS5 GT7


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Oct 22, 2023
Spent 4 years with PS4 (modified SSD) and PS5 with GT Sport and GT7, now racing in Motorsport (23). Motorsport is definitely better than GT7 if you are using proper racing wheel and pedals/shifter. Gt7 seems noy so sharp on graphics, and Forza cars are much better detailed. As for the racing the tracks and car physics I feel are better but sadly the ramming cheats are the same. Maybe we might get Pro Level World Series Live Events like PS and GT7? Now that would be awesome. Gave up on GT7 and PS due to the bad track management of the ramming. Hopefully Forza might learn from their mistakes. Enjoying MS very much getting used to it and my wheel setup with the cars. Shame there is no "fix" yet for my inability to create my own vinyl graphics using text, as I want to create my usual Team Name etc.