xbox one x

  1. J

    Xbox One S Mod Chip

    Do you guys know if this is real?
  2. Gamewatcher

    Vudu app failing on Xbox since early March

    I posted much of the following to the Xbox community last week (revised to reflect recent findings), and the conclusion is that there is a problem with the VUDU streaming app and not my networking or ISP. I would love to know if anyone else is encountering this issue as so far VUDU has implied...
  3. Michaelp800

    Xbox One [BUG] Xbox One X - error in German translation -> How to contact Microsoft?

    Dear forum I am new here and I have a bug to report. Unfortunately I cannot reach Microsoft. The reporting function on Xbox One X is under "What do you want to do?" strangely not there even though I'm online and logged in. After a clip recording a message shows up in German: "Zeigen Sie Ihre...
  4. E

    Xbox One xbox one X PING experts plz help

    When I first got my xbox one X and tested detailed network stats in settings, I got high speeds and 16 ping. Since then the ping has rose to 80ms, and will not drop under that. The same situation happened to my old xbox one s. But, when I do a speed test on the explorer app, which pings to my...
  5. Charzoistar16

    Xbox One xbox one x turning off

    Hello all. I recently moved to another state and I placed my xbox one x in its padding and placed it in the car with me. (I'm guessing a bump in the road caused this issue). When I got to my new destination and set it up, the fan started getting loud and if I played any older games long enough...
  6. F

    if i'm over the hill . . .

    . . . how come i never got to the top? nevermind. anyhow, i'm a "senior citizen" (that sounds awful) who's been playing videogames since Pong, and recently upgraded from a 360 to a One X (both of which had better graphics than Space Invaders). I've also been active online since 1980, and...
  7. P

    Waiting for Xbox One X - Germany

    Hi, I am completely new to Xbox. I have followed all my like the Sony path from PS1 to PS3 and have now made the jump to the Xbox One X which arrives tomorrow. So, Hi! :) I am quite excited to finally make use of my 4K TV. I have it for over a year but have never really watched 4K blurays or...