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    Mar 22, 2020
    Hello all. I recently moved to another state and I placed my xbox one x in its padding and placed it in the car with me. (I'm guessing a bump in the road caused this issue).
    When I got to my new destination and set it up, the fan started getting loud and if I played any older games long enough, it turned off my xbox (I can play Witcher 3 for awhile and the cooling fan is loud when I'm in the game but it's calm when I'm in the inventory). If I played any newer 4k games (Doom, Resident Evil 3 demo), the fan would start up immediately and turn off my xbox within a minute.
    Today, I found someone who has a job in fixing consoles and had them replace the thermal paste, I read that that has been an issue with a lot of other xbox one x's. I immediately plugged in my xbox when I got it back, turned on a 4k game and it did the same thing. Heated up super fast and turned off. And before anyone asks, yes I've moved my xbox around to many locations and it is not the ventilation.
    My warranty is gone on my xbox one x and I checked to see how much Microsoft would ask if I sent it in and they are asking for 250.
    So, my question is, what the heck is wrong?! Im guessing its the cooling fan itself. If it is that... can that be fixed or is playing newer games on my xbox one x now over with?