1. M

    Xbox One Help with signal but no output (xOneS)

    This can be a long shot, but here comes; My xbox was working just fine, when out of the blue the output died. Ok, i thought, it can be fixed. so i got the output fixed, and it was new. The point is; I still have a black screen. I'm sure that it has signal, the HDMI works fine, as well as the tv...
  2. F

    Xbox One Someone help with Xbox controller... no other help found online

    I have recently began having trouble with my Xbox one controller. After I did an update on the controller, I plug it in with a usb cord and the Xbox logo in the controller lights up but no command or buttons works. So my screen is stuck on the home screen. When I try to connect it wirelessly, I...
  3. S

    Xbox One Game share not working

    I have tried every thing to get my friends games on my Xbox. I have logged him into my Xbox and set his account as *My Home Xbox* and turned my user off *my home xbox* I waited a day and nothing happened. I logged off my account and tried again. I then logged off his account and set *my home...
  4. J

    Microsoft's Xbox Live Monthly Active Users Reached 55 million

    During Microsoft's latest earnings call, management said that Microsoft's Xbox live monthly active users grew to 55 million, which is a new record for the company. Great company great vision!
  5. H

    Xbox One Difference between TF5-00001 and TF5-00003 xbox controller

    Hi, I am going to buy a xbox one contorlle, I saw that there are two models , TF5-00001 and TF5-00003, which model is the new one relased in 2016,I could not find in microsoft website
  6. Angel Burcham

    Hi there

    So my name is angel, 18 and live in Indy, I came on here for two reasons, to make new friends and to post something, I've found two hackers on Xbox one on Blackops 3 and I'd love if any and everyone can report this gamer tag for me, hugs and kisses. ❤️ Gt:THA DUECE 2 Thanks again :)
  7. C

    Xbox One Looking for friends to play online with

    I'm new to Xbox one and looking for friends to play DragonBall xenoverse and madden 15 with, I also have an account proposal for anyone interested.
  8. X

    Hello im XTHEBOXNICK

    Hi, every one I am a Xbox 360 veteran. I used to play games like Grand Theft Auto 4/5 and Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition etc. Even though i'm am not currently a Xbox owner, but I am still engaged in Xbox affaris. I do like the Xbox One, I think it is a great geming concole. Im shure many can...
  9. SashaS

    Xbox One A Clicker game for console?

    Clicker games have become rather popular, they're a fun and simple waste of time involving pressing the same button to earn money, then spending that money on cosmetics and faster ways to earn money. I was thinking that they could release a console game that follows a similar concept. Imagine a...
  10. SashaS

    Xbox One What's Your Favorite Racing Game?

    There are plenty of great racing games for the One. My favorite is between Need for Speed 2015 and Driveclub. Need for Speed because it's the first proper addition to the series in a long time. They've finally brought back in depth car customization and the visuals are great, as well as the...
  11. SashaS

    Xbox One What Is The Difference Between Halo 4 & 5?

    I was thinking of getting Halo 5 for my Xbox One, but it's quite expensive where I live and I don't know if it's worth the purchase. I've enjoyed the Halo series, even though I never expected it to be my cup of tea. The thing is, unless it's vastly different to it's predecessor, I'm not willing...