Best PC game you have played

It's FIFA 07. I love this soccer simulator, even though it's kind of an old thing. I also like Fallout 4.
Sid Meier's Civilization, any of them, been there since the first one came out and I'll buy the new one next month. I've likely lost close to a year or more playing the various releases of it. I frequently found myself playing through the night on weekends. After that I know it's cliche and I haven't played for close to two years but World of Warcraft. For the Horde Baby!!!
This is such a hard question to answer. I have had a few staple games through my PC gaming experience. One of my all time favorites is Counter Strike. It was the first game I truly fell into a community experience. The game is STILL played today. So many mods and different types of servers. It led to me meeting so many good gaming friends. I remember late nights staying up and playing scoutzknivez flying around and sniping. I definitely look back on it fondly.

I soon became tired of CS and moved on to World of Warcraft. That game owned my soul for literally 7 years at least. I have finally kicked that habit, but the stories I have from the game make the 7 years worth it. Community is the most important part of of a game sometimes. With Warcraft, the people you play with make the game 10 times better.

Wow, that was a serious habit. I'd have to say Counter-Strike was also my favorite PC game I've played. Mainly for all the reasons you mentioned above. I didn't dedicate 7 years like yourself, but I have thoroughly spent hours and hours of gameplay on many nights well into the morning. Like yourself as well, I've made a plethora of friends on there I still connect with to this day!

Truly excellent memories made from FPS PC game.
I was (and still am sometime) a big fan of the Impressions Games citybuilder games, mostly of Zeus: Master of Olympus. It was one of my most beloved childhood game, even if for a young kid like I was it was kind of hard. You had of course to build a city in the mythological Greece, with gods, heroes and monsters helping or going against you. Since I was a big fan of mythology and ancient Greece, I instantly fell in love with that game.
So many hours spent on it...
It really depends on a time, we're talking about. In the early 2000's it was NFS Underground. But nowadays it's more like MMORPG. Sometimes when I have no time to play in something serious, I prefer to spend time in indie games. There are couple of great developers, who make well-known indie-games, like ilogos development team. I've noticed their company when have been playing in Angry Birds, and read great reviews about their part of development process. After that I've visit their website for searching some other great indie games, and even maybe find some great dev solutions.
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Red Alert Command and Conquer, then the spin offs afterwards. Tiberian Sun, War generals
Guild Wars 1 would probably be my favorite, I enjoyed both the PvE and PvP. Knight Online is another one I really enjoyed, the PvP in Colony Zone was awesome, and Lunar Wars were thrilling. I played a lot of League of Legends but it's not really in my Top 3.
Fallout 1
Fallout 2
Falluot New Vegas
Fallout 76 (I'm playing Fallout 76 right now)
These are my favorite PC games:

Red Alert 2
- I'm doing a mod on it named Project Alpha
Rise of Nations
- About to release a mod named Blitz Republic
7 Days to Die
- Just released an overhaul mod named The Walking Horde
Counter Strike
World of Warcraft
CNC Generals Zero Hour
Company of Heroes

Worth to mention:
Back4Blood, Left 4 Dead, The Forest
It's Half Life for my PC all-time favorite game. I Mostly play console either Xbox or PS but right now I keep going back to The Master Chief Collection when playing on my PC.