Xbox One Call of Duty Extinction Mode Revealed!

Ehh. Looks like they're finally trying to attract more generic "non-gamer" CoD players to join the rehashes of this game. Looks interesting, but unfortunately I probably won't be getting the game D: .

It's nice at least, to see that they're incorporating more co-op features, however, differentiating from Black Ops being that Black Ops held Zombies and now Ghosts will hold "aliens".
Do they still have the Zombies mode, or is this effectively a replacement?

I think the sci-fi element of the alien invasion draws a lot of parallels to Halo, and is their way of trying to draw in people who wouldn't normally be privy to the game. It's the same with the zombies mode, the cultural obsession with zombies in horror/sci fi genres was something they managed to capitalize on, and they're partially responsible for accelerating it into a fever pitch. They might very well do the same thing with this Extinction mode.
I wasn't even considering CoD an option until I saw this mode. I really love co-op games and this just made CoD really interesting, definitely paying attention to the game for more information about this. Nice move Infinity Ward!
I played this game mode its something like zombies but i dont feel it stands up to zombie mode. It has some okay features but i wasnt really into it lie i am when laying zombies it was a bit boring. It just doesnt have that fun and excitement.
I like the Extinction Mode for the Public Match where I have been paired with players from all over the world. I have also played a Solo Match which is another great feature within the mode. I had my microphones on all the time and enjoyed the experience thoroughly.