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    Xbox One Call Of Duty Ghosts Xbox One update reduces performance

    Source: CVG Well this is disappointing if you've been passing the game release dry spell by playing some COD, have any of you felt the affects of the update? I didn't pick up Ghost, since it didn't seem interesting to me and therefore don't know how much of a disturbance the update was...
  2. rkkeller

    Xbox One Finally beat COD Ghosts !!!

    I know this might not be a big deal to a lot of you, but for me it is as I am not that good at playing video games really. Finally after playing since release day, I finished it last night. Woooooooo.... I thought it was great and really enjoyed it. The ending once I was there, I sort of...
  3. C

    Xbox One I start Ghost and the Campaign starts???

    Just like the title says. Every time I start my Call of Duty Ghost game for Xbox One, it does not take me to the menu, it takes me to where your supposed to press start to go to the menu, but instead of letting me hit start, it says reading save(or something like that) and then starts to load...

    Xbox One Ghosts title update adding eSports rules

    Source: Polygon I know I'm in the minority in not picking up Call of Duty for my XB1 so I'm sure many of you will be excited to be receiving this path. I was never big on the eSports aspect of gaming and so I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the topic? Is it something that interest you...
  5. R

    Xbox One Ghosts gets DLC release date

    Huhn... apparently just like real life, online no one really cares about what's happening with Ghosts. Anyway, the Onslaught DLC is getting a release date and hopefully that drums up more interest for people to get back into the game. You wanna know when it comes out you say? Well the...
  6. X

    Xbox One Cod Ghosts on XBone

    So i had Ghosts on the 360 and was having a blast, i was doing so good averaging 20-5 a game and since ive got the xbox one and have the ghost version it plays so differently and i cannot stand it! it seems like you die so much faster and hit detection is terrible compaired to the 360 and idk...
  7. Shockwave22

    Xbox One Cod: ghosts question

    Is it worth picking this up if I'm not good at the cod series online? Is there any private matches or zombie zillions stuff?
  8. X

    Xbox One CoD Ghosts: 1st Impression by a not so hardcore gamer

    (For straight 1st impression skip first paragraph) So it turns out i really got the xbox one looking forward to Halo but i have to say im really skeptical about the new one by just watching the trailer. So i Have the xbox one and got Assassins Creed. I Played and messed with it for a...
  9. X

    Xbox One Just beat the campaign tonight

    I just beat the campaign of Ghosts tonight. It wasn't bad and I definitely liked it better than Black Ops 2's campaign, but I don't think it took me the 10 hours or whatever that was quoted (in some review I read) to beat it. How many others here have beat the campaign already? What were your...
  10. jstep

    Xbox One Do you like playing as Riley the dog?

    ...or do you think having Riley as a playable character is really dumb? I'm thinking that I like it. It's a nice little deviation from the standard shooting. I think they integrated it really well into the campaign and I'm having a blast hitting X (to make him bark) and driving my dog nuts :D
  11. jstep

    Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts creators explain why resolution is lower on Xbox One

    I know there has been a lot of questions, speculation, irritation, etc. in regards to COD: Ghosts running at a higher resolution on the PS4 versus the Xbox One. This has created a lot of XB1 haters, touting that the PS4 is the far superior console. As far as the specs go, it sounds like it is a...

    Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts live-action trailer includes Megan Fox cameo (video)

    Whether you enjoy COD, Megan Fox, or live-action trailers, this video should have something for everyone. Enjoy!
  13. rkkeller

    Xbox One What edition did you get??

    I only preordered the basic edition, but been debating switching it to the hardened before it ships on 11/19. Anyone else get more than the basic edition?
  14. W

    Xbox One what will you do first in COD Ghosts?

    I usually play the campaign on hardened first and then replay it on veteran, but I might jump into Squads first this time. I enjoy multiplayer here and there and it seems that in games like call of duty if you don't start playing multiplayer early and make it a routine habbit then you get left...
  15. Holopoint

    Xbox One Ghosts will run 720P on ONE, 1080P on PS4

    This right here could be a huge turning point for the PS4 to outsell the ONE, solely for the fact that Ghosts has become such an iconic game for both systems. It's been confirmed that Ghosts will only run at 720P on the Xbox ONE and will be upscaled for use on higher resolution TV's, while the...
  16. D

    Xbox One Confirmed: XB1 COD Ghosts only at 720p

    It's ok in my book. Not a huge difference...rather have good gameplay. Via:

    Xbox One Surviving Call of Duty: Ghosts' Extinction (Video) Thoughts? Comments? Sound Off!
  18. mong.podcast

    Xbox One Call of Duty Extinction Mode Revealed!

    Go check out my story on it at Middle of Nowhere Gaming! It look's pretty cool.
  19. stiflex

    Xbox One Is The season pass worth it?

    As the topic says. Is it worth it? I never bought any DLC for the franchise apart from Black Ops 2, and only because of the zombies. I don't know if they bring out a ton of new DLCs or not, though honestly seeing the last three games, they've brought down hell and added a quite juicy price...
  20. sc_shark

    Xbox One CoD Ghosts new video, more storyline ran across this today. i think it explanes a little more the tory line of how the usa is in peril and why the solo play storyline exists. i may be way off but looks like it picks up with the bo2 guy's son who is now an elite warrior. seems...