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Do you think i should be perma banned?

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Taylon Tom

New Member
Mar 13, 2017
Today i received an email that my account from permanently banned. I went onto the link that they posted and it turns out i got banned for soliciting etc. I submitted a case review and went looking for more information. Most suspensions/bans are 1,7, or 14 days and my type of suspension followed under that list but then it said something about if the action was egregious or excessive bans, it could lead to a permanent one. In my case i tried selling my og gamertag, the guy messaged me about it, i told him how much and what payment. He declined, i said ok, and then we didn't message again AND no personal info was transferred, so in my defense it was not egregious. I have only had 2 ENFORCEMENTS, a good reputation, and no consecutive or reappearing issues. I do not think that deserves a permanent ban from all my years of gaming and achievement i have earned. There is clearly a flaw in the system.