Original Xbox First game you bought?


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Nov 9, 2013
What was the first game you bought for your Xbox?
Mine was Halo. I bought it for $40 with my new console since I didn't buy the console at launch. It was awesome.
Same here with Halo for the Xbox, I wanted to get into the online part of FPS after playing single player with Call of Duty all the time as a kid. Online was addicting mostly because I was lucky to talk with some funny people with some hilarious names.

I wasn’t really a professional, but all those pros would start saying my name in shock whenever I managed to get a kill off of them. It was the type of game where I could stay late at night and in the morning as well.
Same with me, the first game I ever bought was Halo. To this day it is still one of the best games I've ever played. Sometimes me and my friends will get together and have a old school land party with it. It's so much fun.
I think Halo will probably be the most common answer here. Halo was my first purchase as well. I got so much usage out of that game! I remember dragging my huge console and box of controllers over to my friends for giant lan parties all of the time. When Halo got tired we would switch on the demo of Fusion Frenzy that came with Halo. Other than Halo I think the first game I really got into playing was the first Madden on Xbox (2005?). Good times. I love reminiscing on these older games. They are the Nintendo for this generation of gamers.
My first game was also Halo. I loved that game and used to play it for hours on end with my brother and neighbor. What an awesome first game to have owned! I still play that game until today and love it.
Halo. Literally everyone got Halo. I will shoot anyone who didn't.

That game was a golden era of FPS...
Doom 3. What a dark, creepy, violent and amazing experience that was. Playing with all the lights off in the middle of the night is an experience I haven't been able to match since.
The first game I physically bought was probably Battlefield: Modern Combat. All the games I played before that, I rented. But Modern Combat was incredibly awesome, and I remember spending so many hours on that game. I've never been more "Sick" in my life according to my school, haha.
Mine was Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Kung Fu Chaos. Loved the latter, such a whacky game that was a joy to play with friends at parties. Don't know why they did not add backwards compatibility for the Xbox 360 - had one less game to play with my friends after that :(
I think it was Fable (don't kill me). My dad used to own one of those places in which they rent consoles per hours and Halo was literally the only game that everyone played, so I got kinda bored of it. When I finally got an Xbox of my own I bought Fable with it.
i originally bought the bundle with extra controller, Halo, Project Gotham and Dead or Alive 3
A friend bought GTA IV for me when i got my 360 and my boyfriend wants to get me my first game for One. I still don't know which to choose. I might just wait and cash in and have him get me Watch Dogs next spring.
Halo, and got Morrowind from a friend. I probably still have them around on the shelf somewhere, even though I no longer have my Xbox.
My first game is Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. I love the way they changed the game. Looks better with FPS and 3rd person perspective. Plus you get to play zombies right away, unlike the conventional plants win always type. I am having fun using Zombies, but it using the plants isn't that bad. A plant that can also plant and summon drones. I like it.
My first game was the Max Payne. I will never forget it, because I was supposed to get the Max Payne on the recent systems and I did not. I am still excited about getting the Max Payne to this day.
Yep, Halo for me as well. I played it until it didn't want to play anymore! I still play it from time to time, what a great way to break into gaming!
My favorite series at the time was Oddworld, so I just had to get an Xbox for Munch's Oddysee. I wasn't very happy that they changed the perspective from 2D to 3D, but boy, did I make the best gaming choice of my life when I bought an Xbox. Not only was the 3D perspective for Munch's Oddysee a great change, but I got a bunch of other exclusives to go with my purchase up until the Xbox 360 came out.
I picked up Morrowind first having enjoyed Daggerfall. The guy at Gamestop suggested I get Halo, but I had played Wolf 3D, Doom, Golden Eye, Duke 64, and Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004--I didn't need to play anymore FPS. I later got Fable and Star Wars: KotOR later than month.