Original Xbox First game you bought?

I don't even remember. I know most of the games I bought I did so because they were cheap or on sale. I have only bought a couple for full price.
Halo was my first, but like Swift I wanted the Xbox for Morrowind.
Yup same here! Halo was my first game too.
The first game i ever brought was Splinter Cell. It is the best stealth game of all time in my opinion.I was addicted to that game.
The first game I bought was actually bought right before (literally 15 minutes) I spent the rest of my Game Stop and Walmart gift cards on games.
My first was actually the new Mortal Kombat (2011?). I bought my Xbox360 pretty late compared to everyone else. I just played on friends' previously.
Oh the first ever game I bought period (as in with my own money) was Dark Cloud on PS2.
Yep, Halo for me as well. I played it until it didn't want to play anymore! I still play it from time to time, what a great way to break into gaming!

Yes! Halo was an awesome game. That was one of the first games to get me into shooter games. Every level in this game and thrilling.
The first game I got was MW3 because it was around Christmas time when it came out and all my friends had the game so I thought why not. I actually had a lot of fun on it for about 1-2 years until I got Halo 4 and spent a lot of time on that game too. I did play side games when I was getting a bit tired of my main games. I played Portal 2 with my brother and Skyrim whenever my internet was being amazingly slow.
SW: Battlefront iirc. I had a special features disc of one of the starwars movies which had a demo of the game on it which is the reason I bought a xbox :)
The first game I ever bought on the original Xbox was Fable. I bought it based on the hype that was going into it and expecting to see all this cool stuff. I got a very good game, but some of the stuff that was supposed to be in it wasn't.
That is a cool cover. It smacks of first/second year game and a lot of those first wave games are actually very fun. Most aren't as deep as games become later on in a console's run, but still fun if you need that quick fix.
I always felt the same about some launch titles. I knew they weren't going to be super impressive, but compared to what was usually available: EA ports and racing games making up 50-60% of launch titles and the rest being titles that weren't going to get sequels/were going to tie you over for a bit--those games were pretty damn fun. You'd forget about it until it was brought up 4 or 5 years later, but yeah.