Original Xbox First game you bought?

EA ports :( At least you can always count on EA to have games out for a new console when everyone else pushes their games back or state that the game would be "launch window" released.
Oh EA will always be there first.They'll even be the first company there when a new console is announced. They're ambulance chasers of gaming.
Oh EA will always be there first.They'll even be the first company there when a new console is announced. They're ambulance chasers of gaming.

Well EA has set themselves up to be the anchor for new consoles at launch. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo can say that they have great titles in the works, but that means little if they're not out either at launch or a month later. It's just sitting around and waiting. EA will have their games ready at launch on several consoles with varying degrees of quality.
It took me a while to hop onto the Xbox train. The first game I got after I bought one was Silent Hill 4. Really not cool since I lived in a creepy apartment at the time. That game messed with my head. That entire series will mess you up.
Yeah, like most of you guys, it was Halo was the first game that I bought.
First game I bought was Splinter Cell Spy Action Redefined. And I couldn't be any happier with that purchase, really worth the money. Greatest stealth game I've played in the OG Xbox. But, I also bought, within that day, Ninja Gaiden and man that game was badass and really hard, I almost broke my controller playing that game.
The first game that I bought for my xbox was Hitman Silent Assassin. That game was sick and the graphics were good as well. Too bad it was a little difficult for me and I began to use cheat codes! lolol
The first game I bought for my original Xbox was Halo. I would have to say that at least 50% of the people who own an Xbox bought Halo as their first game, it's so much fun! I still play it every once in a while.
My first Xbox game was Fable.

I don't regret it one bit, the first game was a lot of fun and very good for it's time, it's after this one that the series started to go downhill.
My first game for my 360 was Timeshift. Actually a decent game when it was the first one you ever had. Kinda wish they would remake it for the next gen and maybe put some extra tweaks in with it.
Mine were Halo and Max Payne.
I picked both up when I got the console, I couldn't tell you which one I tried first.
Someone gave me Halo for Christmas so that would have been my first experience with playing any games. The PlayStation was a gift as well, it was used but it worked.
I bought Halo and Splinter Cell at the same time and managed to wear both of them out. I had played at friend's before that but those were the first that I bought.
I didn't have to buy a game for the first few years because friends and family were giving them to me at Christmas and my birthday. I have to buy them now but for awhile I knew that I would be getting games every six months.
Halo, Halo everywhere. I didn't buy it, a friend of mine gave it to me so he could come over and play it. I still have the game even though I wore the thing out.
The first game I bought on XBOX was Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic- Xbox. Such a good game man. It's a shame that a lot (let's be honest) of Star Wars game suck, there are just a few that are really as good as KOTOR 1 and 2.
The original Halo, man I can remember that day popping that bad boy into the Xbox and not stopping for hours. I love the snow level, best level of all time imo
Like a lot of you guys, my first game was also halo for the original Xbox. I bought on thanksgiving day and had a blast playing with friends and family members. Multiplayer was the best. Some of my best gaming memories were playing Halo.
I also picked up Halo first. I was completely blown away. The graphics, the gameplay, and everything was simply amazing. It really reminded me of Goldeneye 007 on N64 - which is one of my favorite games of all time.