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May 16, 2020
My fiancé just got her XBox One S today to play Phantasy Star Online 2. About 20min in the game dropped all character voices. All other sounds play as normal. The console AV output is an HDMI running to a Samsung C27F398FW. Headset is a 3.5mm from the monitor. Resetting does not fix the problem, switching out HDMI cables and headsets does not fix the problem, switching to the 3.5 in the controller does not fix the problem. Various videos with similar issues in other games show an older version of the OS and the solutions do not work. Changing audio and display settings from manual to auto-detect has no effect, likewise with swapping uncompressed stereo to SONIC and back. She does not have the Dolby Atmos app. Switching to mono eliminates all sound. Does anybody have a solution? Do we need to go with a bluetooth headset?