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Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by Mai2xs, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Sep 12, 2020
    So I bought an Xbox One for $15 about two years ago. It was broken and was given to me in pieces. I put it together and bought a new hard drive and power supply for it. I downloaded the OS from the Xbox website and was finally able to get it working.

    As soon as it booted for the first time, I went to the games list, and right away I saw about 45 games on the ready to download section of the Xbox (I haven't even signed in to my account yet). Included were all kinds of 2K games, Titanfall 2, few Battlefields, A bunch of Assassins Creeds games, both Middle Earth games. A few Call of Duty's. The list goes on and on. All Xbox One games, not 360's.

    These are obviously games I don't own but am able to fully play, the weird thing is that the list seems to grow as I now recently turned it on (don't use it that much) and I am now able to download MK11, Mafia 3, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Modern Warfare Remake and Wasteland 3. I am playing Wasteland 3 and put in more than 17 hours so it seems to be the full game. The list is now 52 games if I remember correctly.

    It baffles me, if anyone can help me understand why this is I would appreciate. Thanks in advance.