1. P

    Xbox Gamertag System 2022

    Hello, looking for help. I have two Xbox accounts in which I am wanting to swap the names around. (e.g.) Account A has the name ‘abc’ Account B has the name ‘xyz’ Account A cannot take the name ‘xyz because it will force Account A to take the name ‘xyz#????’. Account B cannot take the name ‘abc’...
  2. M

    Xbox One Weird Xbox One

    So I bought an Xbox One for $15 about two years ago. It was broken and was given to me in pieces. I put it together and bought a new hard drive and power supply for it. I downloaded the OS from the Xbox website and was finally able to get it working. As soon as it booted for the first time, I...
  3. Charzoistar16

    Xbox One xbox one x turning off

    Hello all. I recently moved to another state and I placed my xbox one x in its padding and placed it in the car with me. (I'm guessing a bump in the road caused this issue). When I got to my new destination and set it up, the fan started getting loud and if I played any older games long enough...
  4. E

    Xbox One Question regarding new gamertag system

    So I've been looking to change my gamertag to something shorter for quite some time. And this new update is perfect for it. But I do have one issue that I'm a bit confused about. When I go to change my gamertag, I pick my new one and it adds the numbers at the end, which is fine. I know they...