1. H

    Xbox Motorsport -V- PS5 GT7

    Spent 4 years with PS4 (modified SSD) and PS5 with GT Sport and GT7, now racing in Motorsport (23). Motorsport is definitely better than GT7 if you are using proper racing wheel and pedals/shifter. Gt7 seems noy so sharp on graphics, and Forza cars are much better detailed. As for the racing the...
  2. J

    Change of account .. how to

    I just reset my Xbox One account to my MS account from an old eMail. My Xbox Live Gold account eMail is still the old one. How do I transfer the live account to my MS account?
  3. A

    Xbox 360 Wired network issues

    Hi, I am trying to set up a wired internet connection to connect my PC to xbox 360 live, so that I can play with a friend who live's in a different house. When I try to bridge connection it says that I need two "LAN" or highspeed internet connections that are not being used by internet...
  4. T

    Xbox 360 Constant xbox live disconnections

    Thought I would dig out the 360 and plug it in and see how things go. I managed to get the system updated but now every 3 minutes or so xbox live disconnects. - I am hard wired into the router - Network speed is a solid 30mbps - I have UPnP is enabled - I have the xbox assigned to a static IP...
  5. F

    Xbox One Xbox LIVE Gold 12 Months code

    Hello guys, I don't know if this is the right place to this, but I won a code in a contest at the company I work for, but I can not use it in my region because I am living in Argentina. It is a membership for one year to Xbox Live, I am selling it for 30 dollars, or maybe you could also make an...
  6. S

    New Xbox Club open to all players for them to upload clips and make friends/make teams.

    Club name: New Haven Worldwide Club Owner: TheWolfMovement All are welcome, regardless of your location in the world! Here you can show off your best clips, make friends, or find other players to fill your team. We support all kinds of communications whether it be by voice or by message...
  7. P

    Xbox live account and removing paypal

    Hello I have bought my 11yr old a new xbox one x and also paid for a xbox live account for one year. the payment has gone out of my account now and I have set up a new child account after he spent £30 without my permission. however he is not happy about this and want to go back to his first...
  8. Xilkozuf

    New Xbox Live avatars

    As you might know, new avatars are coming for Xbox Live and on Youtube yesterday it was uploaded a video showing them. Here there are: Can I say they look awesome? They seems like character of an animated movie, something like Pixar or Dreamworks would have made! What do you think about them?
  9. S

    I need help making a case to be unbanned

    Ok, so I really stopped playing xbox live a long time ago. Got tired of paying for it and moved on to PC. What occurred to cause my permanent suspension was I had used a mod tool a long time ago to change my avatars color to purple skin, and they I guess warned me a bunch of times but I never...