1. J

    Money withdrawn but account suspended for unpaid bill

    So I have game pass and the £10.99 has been taken from my bank account but according to xbox I haven't paid it and my account has been suspended and each time I've contacted the support line I get hung up on so I don't know what to do like the money came out of my account and went to them so I...
  2. II Atero

    Tyring to get an old 360 gamertag

    Greetings all, I have been told to come here by an xbox support team member regarding my issue, and he told me to mention the specifics. I have been waiting for a gamertag for quite a while now, the gamertag is Atero, I have messaged the account to see if it was still active when I first...
  3. C

    Xbox 360 Downloading account error

    Hi all... I am having a problem with trying to download my full account. I recently tried to add my account onto my xbox 360 after deleting it off their for a while. I went to download account put in my credentials just fine it gets to loading about 1/10 of my account up. Then proceeds to...
  4. E

    Xbox One Question regarding new gamertag system

    So I've been looking to change my gamertag to something shorter for quite some time. And this new update is perfect for it. But I do have one issue that I'm a bit confused about. When I go to change my gamertag, I pick my new one and it adds the numbers at the end, which is fine. I know they...
  5. J

    Xbox One Xbox has made me lose my game progress

    So recently Xbox store would not load and it kept telling me that I should restart the system. So I did and now all my progress has been completely lost for everything not with a backed up account. So I have lost quite a bit of Fallout 4 progress. Please can someone help? Thanks - Jay
  6. R


    Hey please help me, I have never begged for anything before.My Xbox account has been Permanently Suspended and I need to somehow get in contact with the Enforcement Team, I have already done a case review and that was before I found out why I got banned. Now that I know why I've been banned I...