1. F

    Xbox 360 offlien update file

    Hello! I need help with the xbox 360 system update. I just got an Xbox 360 and I can't connet to xbox live and play with newer games because I have to update the system. When I got to the xbox page a found the link but it brought me to a "404 not found" page. I contacted customer support but...
  2. L

    Xbox 360 My system don't update

    (How many times have I asked this in other forums...) Well, it turns out that if I want to connect my xbox 360 to live, I get that I need an update to connect. It asks me if I want to update, I choose yes, and I get an error saying "there was an error, let's fix it" or something like that. I get...
  3. H

    Xbox One XBox One S Controller and System issue

    I am a user with an XBOX OneS. I have been having issues with my controller not working in the system as well as not being able to play DVD's. I have done a hard reset on the console. I have tried plugging in the controller to the console to update the controllers and have not been able to. The...
  4. Illegalinternet

    Bring Back our Gamertags

    I do not like the new update. We can only have up to 12 letters now in our gamertag. Supposedly to give us more options on names we can choose from. Unfortunately this is not true. Adding a number to a name has been done since Xbox was created. For those who were not creative enough to come up...
  5. R

    Xbox One Post Update Startup Problem

    I updated the software on my console two days ago and since then, every time I turn it on the image stays stuck on the green loading screen. It can stay like that for as long as I leave it on, nothing happens. Doing a hard reset doesn't solve anything either and it's impossible to get through to...
  6. madhatteraggie

    Xbox One October 2017 Xbox Update

    Hey all, I didn't really know where to put this but I am honestly at my wits end. We've had our Xbox One for 2 1/2 years now. Had the occasional issue here and there but nothing we couldn't fix ourselves. However, with this new update to Xbox One all of a sudden we can't play any of our games...