1. D

    Can't connect xbox one controller to windows 10 PC via bluetooth dongle

    Hello community! I recently purchased an Xbox one controller and a CSR 4.0 USB 2.0 Bluetooth adapter to use with my windows 10 PC. I am currently running the latest available update (21H2) for my PC. I have tried: restarting my PC restarting my controller (by doing the 6 second button hold)...
  2. A

    Xbox 360 USB Controller

    Hello I have an xbox 360 and I want to play with my brother again after a long time but I only have a healthy controller but have a usb controller. Can I connect it to my xbox or use my phone as a controller?
  3. D

    FFXIII for Xbox Game Pass Controller support

    So i just downloaded ffXIII through Game pass on my windows 10 pc and I have an xbox one controller connected via bluetooth and im having immense amounts of trouble getting my controller to work with FF13. it has controller support but nothing i have done will make my controller work with the...
  4. D

    Xbox One Help, Controller will not connect

    So a while ago I had used my Xbox One Series S controller to play on my laptop, but ever since I haven't been able to connect it. I've tried everything Xbox says to try - using wired connection, wireless connection, holding the pair button, this, that, the other, nothing has worked, Xbox has...
  5. R

    Xbox One Xbox one s controller bluetooth connection interfere with bluetooth audio connection

    The controller and bluetooth audio can't connect to one device at the same time. It works fine if the controller connection is wired. I play on PC and already update the bluetooth audio and bluetooth adapter driver, controller firmware already updated. Windows 10 already updated and Game Mode...
  6. P

    Xbox 360 Bluetooth adapter for 360 controller?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of an adapter that plugs into the bottom of the 360 controller that lets you use it with Bluetooth.
  7. D

    Xbox One Headset not working with controller

    Hi, Yesterday I moved my xbox into a different room with another TV but when I logged on I couldn't hear any sound through my headset. I tried the headset out on a computer and got sound through it. The volume knob was turned up all the way. I have an xbox one s and the controller that came with...
  8. D

    Xbox One Xbox Controller flakey Micro-USB port

    Recently i haven't been able to use my Xbox controller on my PC anymore my Micro USB-Port seems to be broken or maybe the prongs are bent i have to bend my charger for it to work and a lot. Pretty much to the point where it would bend the charger can anyone help me on any ways to fix this issue?
  9. F

    Xbox One Someone help with Xbox controller... no other help found online

    I have recently began having trouble with my Xbox one controller. After I did an update on the controller, I plug it in with a usb cord and the Xbox logo in the controller lights up but no command or buttons works. So my screen is stuck on the home screen. When I try to connect it wirelessly, I...
  10. H

    Xbox One XBox One S Controller and System issue

    I am a user with an XBOX OneS. I have been having issues with my controller not working in the system as well as not being able to play DVD's. I have done a hard reset on the console. I have tried plugging in the controller to the console to update the controllers and have not been able to. The...
  11. PureChaosX

    Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Controller Stick Drift... In One Game

    So as the title somewhat says, I think my 360 controller has developed stick-drift on the left thumbstick. This is apparent when I play only ONE game in particular, which happens to be Star Trek the Video Game. Whichever character I play as, they always walk forward continuously until I gently...
  12. J

    Xbox One Xbox One Legendary Collection Controller programmable button?

    Anyone have this controller? I am playing Dark Souls 3 and I can't even switch targets or kick properly using this controller so I'm thinking about just buying a new one. Though it says it is licensed from Microsoft, it still seems pretty third-party to me. Or If anyone can tell me how to use...
  13. C

    Xbox One Should Microsoft update Xbox controllers and make them more comfortable?

    Do you guys think Xbox should fully make an update to their controllers as they are very uncomfortable in the hand?
  14. H

    Xbox One Difference between TF5-00001 and TF5-00003 xbox controller

    Hi, I am going to buy a xbox one contorlle, I saw that there are two models , TF5-00001 and TF5-00003, which model is the new one relased in 2016,I could not find in microsoft website
  15. L

    Xbox One What are my options?

    I bought the Xbox One S BF1 500gb bundle from Microsoft that comes with a $25 card and free game. I never received the card. Also, the controller headset jack already broke. Are both issues correctable by contacting Microsoft? I have already disassembled the controller to see the pin layout of...