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Sep 19, 2011
Here is how to get your achievement guides stickied. Achievement guides are community driven and below you can find all of the information you need to submit your own. Ready to go above and beyond for the rest of the community and get your guide in a sticky thread? See a game that doesn't have a achievement guide posted to it? Another site reject your guide? Post them here to get them added at Keep in eye out for prizes being offered on a monthly based on the guides so be sure to read everything below and make quality guides. You can write a guide for any 360 game, download content, or the newly created xbox live acrade games. Below you can find everything you need to know about submitting your achievement guide to including rules, guidelines, tips, and examples.

The Rules
  1. Write for the community. Profanity & Internet / text abbreviations won't help anybody out if they don't understand what your writing. There are obvious exceptions such as profanity in the official achievement itself. Then that would be okay.
  2. Correct grammar and spelling will help get your guide out faster. Every guide submitted to will be checked by the editorial team and proofreading will go far in getting your guide on the site faster.
  3. As these guides are extremely large, it takes time for the editorial team to go through them before they get posted.
  4. All submissions should be your work. DO NOT copy and paste parts and sections of other guides. Doing so will get your guide denied or pulled from the website.
  5. Be respectful when dealing with the community.
  6. Some guides may be denied if they fail to meet the requirements of submissions or the quality does not meet the basic standard on this forum.
  7. Got special issues or need a question answered. Send a private message to any of the Moderators with your question.
  8. Check out the editor guide to learn the format tools available to use here at the site.
  9. When you submit a guide to the submission board and its accepted, you lose all creative control over the guide. If it is posted on, then it is to be used for Xbox Forums community only. Guides found on other sites will be removed from this one.

Submission Guidelines
  1. Post your guide to the related game board of the website. Submit a link to the guide here. The submission board is there for all submissions except for news & rumors. All submissions should follow the standard layout of an achievement guide. See below for more information regarding that. All submissions are reviewed by the editorial team before they are released.
  2. When your guide is reviewed we will send you a list of corrections to be completed before a guide can go up if they feel that a list is warranted. This is basic proof reading, making sure the guide isn't taken from anywhere else, and quality review. Sometimes they will make the changes for you.
  3. Should be written in your own words. Do not copy parts of other people guides and pass them off on as your own or have them submitted on a site other than You are getting full credit for the guide so it should be created by you.
  4. It's important to note that that even if a guide gets up before yours that if the new guide makes it up before yours, we will check it against the current guide. We're looking to make the best guides possible and you will get credit for updating the guide. If you see a thread that has an achievement list only, then your guide will replace that list. So don't be discouraged if you see a sticky thread achievement thread that only contains a list.
  5. As stated in number 1. Make sure the guide follows the layout below.
  6. Each achievement should have a in depth description on how to achieve it. As we've been very relaxed in the past, we are trying to bring more quality and complete guides to the fold.
  7. Guides must be mostly text based. Its okay to use videos and pictures them once in awhile but they should always be supplements to what your doing and guides should still have every part described as text. Achievements that refer completely to videos or pictures for some achievement parts will more than likely not make the cut. Everything should be explained in the guide first through text. Something we have changed a stance on.
  8. Every achievement must have a detail description. Say its part of the main story. Use Story Related and under that describe what is happening in the story to achieve that achievement. Show off your work and try to be as complete as possible. Remember more is usually better than less to helping other understand what your trying to portray. Best to write like your reader has completely blacked out and forgot everything they knew. Never assume that anything is self explanatory. Describe what is happening.
  9. The titles of the achievement guides should include the game name (capitalized) and "Achievement Guide" right after them. For example

  • Resident Evil 6 Achievements Guide
  • Halo 4 Achievements Guide
  • Silent Hill Downpour Achievements Guide
  • Black Ops 2 Achievements Guide

Achievement Guide Format
1.) Write a intro paragraph to and introduce the community to the game and the achievements in it. Make sure to touch on the following points in the intro section
-Total achievement points available
-The overall difficultly to get all the achievements
-Estimated amount of time that would take to obtain all the achievements
-Missable achievements
-How many solo achievements / co-op achievements / online achievements their are
-Achievement that are hard to obtain due to game glitches or design.

2.) Before we being (basically a tips section)
-Quick overview of what is the easiest path of getting these achievements.
-any other appropriate tips
-add any information that somebody reading would want to know about the game before trying to get these achievements. This part is creative as every game is different.. Such as game modes and related in game information that is appropriate for the game.
-Any other thoughts you may think is relevant to have before you start with the detailed achievement portion of the guide.

3.) Achievement Guide section
-Using a bold & size 4 format write out the game and achievement guide after it. on the next line include again how many achievement points their are.
- Right below that, you will list each achievement with a high quality detail on how to get the achievement (using a bold & font 3 formatting)
-Remember to be as detailed as possible. Since these are text based guides, the more information you add regarding a achievement, the better the chances people will understand it. Be very detailed in all the achievements, show off your work.
-Never a good idea to assume anything is self explanatory. Always write out what is happening to get the achievement.
-Videos and pictures are allowed but should only be supplement to the text. You can use imageshack or photobucket to insert images into your guide.

4.) Copyright.
-Include this --> "This guide is for use on and should not be copied in part or in whole without the express written consent of one of the Xbox Forums Admins and its author."
-Remember that once a guide is submitted it should only be used here at and that you will lose creative control of the guide. You will still be given full credit for the guide. This is done to keep the guides on the site unique.
-Copyright should appear at the bottom of your guide.

Adding Images
1.) Each achievement should have an image. Use the attachment system in order to insert your images. Once an image is attached you can double click on the image to bring up the image formating menu.
2.) Only use original images for the achievements, many sites like to watermark their images. Below you can find recommended sites that don't watermark their images that you can pull from.

Where to find images
Here is a growing list of good sites for finding unmodified achievement images,
Achievement Hunter – its okay for grabbing

Steam - all games with achievements are listed here with links to the achievement pages

Examples from others:

I submitted my guide first? Why is someone else's guide being used ahead of mine?
-We use the most quality guide available and first up if its well written. Some guides don't meet the quality standard. Make sure to look at some examples of other guides posted or ask a member of the editorial team if your guide is on the right track by showing them a draft.

Am i allowed to share the guide on another site?

-No, once a guide is submitted and accepted you lose creative control over that guide. In order to keep the guide unique it can only be used at

Can't i just point some of the achievements to a video?
-These guides are text based. All achievements should be explained in a high-quality in depth text. Videos and pictures should only service as supplements to the text.

I'm not quite sure how to use the formatting tools available here at, what can i do?
-If your having trouble formatting your guide you can do one of two things. First is to check out the editor guide in the site which explains how to use the vBulletin editor. Secondly is to get in touch with a member of the editorial team and ask for help.

What do i get for submitting a guide?
-First and foremost, the utmost appreciation of community at You also get full credit for the guide. Some achievement guides also have a price tag or cash attached to them. So if you take the time to write a quality guide that gets accepted then you get some cash. Be sure to check out the submission bounty threads for monthly and guide specific cash rewards. Almost all the sites around the net expect their guides to submitted for free. We feel that model is unfair and try to kick back what we can to those who go above and beyond for the community.

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